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The Enchanted Muse

The Enchanted Muse, Artist

The Muse felt enchantment washing over her
and suddenly she knew her destiny.
The minstrel took the braids and gave them to the Muse
and as he was giving them,
he said, “Take this.
Be the Queen and rule over Time.”

“Time?” she said.


“The Queen of Time?”


“Where is she? I can’t see her.”

“Time is the matter of all things.
When time is one,
we are able to see the present,
to feel the passing of time.

Time is the vessel of all
and one has no choice.
We cannot hide from Time.

And that is why we must pass through Time,
which is the matter of all things.

The Queen of Time is the ship,
and Time is the tide.
Do you see what I mean?”

“Yes, but what will I do?”

“You will rule over the matter of all things.
The subject is Time.”

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