Defeating the Demon


Clutching an arrow in his hand, a brave Japanese warrior throws a demon to the ground. The demon screeches as it is heaved through the air and loses its sword.  As the man steps on it, it turns to face him, gnashing its teeth and cackling.

In a flash, the arrow plunges into the demon’s chest. It does not fall, but the demon’s death throes make it tumble forward, then back. The body twists and contorts, and the demon’s body collapses.

“What a shame,” the warrior says, “That you were not a match for my arrow.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, he steps on the demon’s body, which rises to face him.

“Thank you for the victory.” The warrior bows, and the demon bows in return.

And then the demon disappears.

You and I can never escape our fate. We are the ones who will make our own destiny.