Spirit Samurai


In this image, a samurai warrior who is surrounded by spirits battles for his soul. His left hand is in a fist, and he has his spear pointed toward the ground. It is a dramatic moment, with many eyes upon the warrior.

In our lives, we are always surrounded by spirits. We are surrounded by good spirits, by spirits of love and happiness, by spirits of hope and joy. However, we are also surrounded by evil spirits. They exist in all of us. We are not perfect, and we are not sinless. There are evil spirits inside of us, and they are always trying to control our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, and our lives. The evil spirits that exist inside of us try to destroy our life, our health, and our happiness. They want us to be sick, to be unhappy, and to be poor.

They want us to be desperate, to be desperate for help. They want us to be scared, to be scared of the things that are unseen, to be scared of death. They want us to be so scared that we will do anything to get away from the pain and the suffering and the things that they are offering to us.